Election Fraud – Under Construction

Call your Governor’s office and report anything you’ve seen that looks suspicious.

<<=== For now, some short videos (1 minute-ish) of ballot fraud. If mobile, click links below.

Discarded Ballots – safe, just some guy ripping ballots in the voting center.
Marked Ballot Fraud – safe, video of ballot marking(s)
Election Software Rig – man testifying of writing a Dominion election rig
Accept Election When Final – McConnell tells Senate (2nd half is best)
Burned Ballots – !! Caution !! One unfavorable audio expletive directed to Trump and a single Digitus Me’dius in the (Postal?) glove at the end. 🙁

If you like posting copies of these things, you can use the above links, or the link that shows in your browser address window, or the one below this statement. These go directly to the video and start playing (including audio).







If you want the long link version with the “name” of the original video, just right click the actual video and choose “copy video location” or “copy video address” depending on your browser.

IF YOU USE THE LONG LINK, it will go straight to the video and start playing. You can also use a short link like bitly.com or tinyurl.com if you’d like.

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